Sunday, February 9, 2014

Olympic Games Inspired 2014

 Maximus's outfit of the day was inspired by Ralph Lauren 2014 Olympic Games collection in supporting Team USA.

Sweater and White pants bought at Baby Gap
Dribble Bib is bought at Mini Boden

Friday, February 7, 2014

Story Book

As Maximus grows with every day I start to notice what he really pays attention to. Finding a fun read with awesome illustrations got Maximus in such a good playful mood for the evening! I enjoyed the book so much I wanted to share.

 Book is called

 Mustache Baby



When Baby Billy is born with a mustache, his family takes it in stride. They are reassured when he nobly saves the day in imaginary-play sessions as a cowboy or cop and his mustache looks good-guy great. But as time passes, their worst fears are confirmed when little Billy’s mustache starts to curl up at the ends in a suspiciously villainous fashion. Sure enough, “Billy’s disreputable mustache led him into a life of dreadful crime.” Plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor and cartoonish illustrations make this the perfect baby-shower gift for a mustachioed father-to-be.
Bought at Barnes and Noble

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Outfit Of The Day

It's all about the Suspenders & Layering this Winter


Every since I saw the movie Tangled I was so inspired to do costumes for the whole family. Such a new theme and wasn't too overdone all over pinterest. Though it was hard to come up with it all. The hardest part was trying to get Maximus to look like Maximus the General Horse. When I went looking around on the web all the horse costumes I found were no way close to the idea I had. So it became a challenging project!
First step; The crochet horse hat.
Had it custom made through Etsy.
Second Step; Find a white one piece jump suit. Found at Target and just tucked in the hood.
Third step; Added some of the same yarn onto the back of the suit to create a horse's tail
Completed look;

Flynn Rider Vest
 I decided to create the Flynn Rider vest pattern all on my own. Too expensive to buy. So I found some vinyl straps at the fabric store and drafted the pattern myself, which took a lot more time than I thought it was. Individually cut each piece and added seam allowance.
Rapunzel Corset
Choosing the fabric and trims for the corset was probably my favorite part. I decided to make a few different changes to the design. I used shoulder pads inside of my shoulder sleeves to give it more of puffy appeal.
This family was ready for some Tangled fun

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Home Is Where The Farm Is


Just my little rooster horsing around. Quality time spent in great quality clothes at Mallard Lake this past weekend with the family. Such a great impression the outfit has made on everyone!
 Clothing brand is called; Lemon Loves Layette.
And can be bought on online boutique stores such a 
Photography by; Master Works Photography